A multi-faceted concert-giving composer, a creator of orchestral, solo and chamber music. 

One of his latest music, Piano Concerto, received the highest prize from the jury at the greatest National Composition Contest in Turkey-Izmir. 

“...the award-winning Piano Concerto is a work of superior quality...” as said State Artist - Concert Pianist Gülsin Onay. 

A passionate musician who’s questing after true knowledge regarding ancient roots of harmony.

compostions & works

a single movement Sonata 

for “Galata Trio” ensemble 

& just completed a new Concerto for Solo Cello and Orchestra 

in 2020-21

Op.1 - 3 Impromptus 

Op.2 - Piano Sonata

Op.3 - Suite for Chamber Orchestra

Op.4 - Piece for Piano 

Op.5 - Scherzo

Op.6 - Piano Concerto

Op.7 - Trio for Piano, Clarinet, Bassoon

Op.8 - Cello Concerto - “A Symphonic poem for Cello & Orchestra”

Film: Tarot - Director: Sinan Helvacı

Film: Yad - Directors: Ece Yazıcıgil, Ilgın Harput

Theatre: Kar Konferansı - Dilruba Saatçi

Film: Garças - Short Film - Director: Gabriela Nemésio Nobre


22 Jan. 2022 - All Saints Moda, Resital

18 Apr. 2021 NexTus Festival

28 Oct. 2020 Global Peter Drucker Forum

19 May. 2020 Gümüslük Festival Opening

23 Feb. 2020 Türkan Saylan Kültür Merkezi

TRT Radio 3 - Evrenselleşen Anadolu - Kutlay Alpuğan - 1 Jun. 2020

Açık Radyo (Open Radio) Notalarla Sohbet - Zerhan Gökpınar - 2 Apr. 2020

Borusan Radyo Klasik - Kuğunun Şarkısı (Song of the Swan)- Füsun Özgüç - 7 Feb. 2020

KXSF 102.5 San Francisco Community Radio - “KKUP Classical Music Festival” Ahmet Toprak - 24 Dec. 2018

Açık Radyo (Open Radio) Notalarla Sohbet - Zerhan Gökpınar - 15 Nov. 2018

TRT Radio 3 - 95th Anniversary of Proclamation of the Republic - Gülsin Onay’la Radyo 3 Atölyesi - 27 Oct. 2018

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Bogatay Köprülü is a multi-faceted musician, concert-giving composer, creating orchestral, solo and chamber music. His latest Piano Concerto was awarded in the “10th Eczacıbaşı National Composition Contest” in İzmir, Turkey.

In 2021, he has just completed his new Concerto for Cello and Orchestra. Also last year, he performed his own early Solo Piano Works mixed with a classical repertoire. Shortly after, he took part in the online opening concert of Gümüşlük Classic Music Festival-GFA by playing his own Impromtus for Piano. He composed a single movement Sonata for “Galata Trio” ensemble.

“…the award-winning Piano Concerto is a work of superior quality… I was fascinated by his advanced technique, musical understanding and mature approach to the piano” said by Concert Pianist Gülsin Onay.

In 2016, he completed composition training with Prof. Tolga Zafer Özdemir at Istanbul Bilgi University. Since that time, he ameliorated his piano technique with Prof. Vassilia Efstathiadou in Hannover as her private student and took part in several master classes in Croatia, Crete, including GFA (Gümüşlük Festival Academy) with Concert Pianist Gülsin Onay, Prof. Konstanze Eickhorst, Pianist Francesco Libetta.

Meanwhile, he studied at the most valued French High School Saint Joseph in Istanbul accompanied by his piano studies lasting a decade. In this long period, he immersed himself in composing numerous pieces, including a formidable Sonata for Piano Solo which showcase his evolving skills. He is a passionate musician questing after true knowledge regarding ancient roots of harmony by seeking for both esoteric and scientific thinking ambits.